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Supplement 2831, 32, 33

(Revision 04)

Supplemental Information, S2831-##, S2832-## and S2833-## Housings:

The S2831, S2832 and S2833 Series Housings utilize flow direction to improve sealing and general valve performance.

It is recommended that the functional symbols be adhered to in utilizing this series of housings.

All three designs may be configured for Normally Closed or Normally Open 3-Way function.

For 3-Way Selector functions, please also consider our S3M08 Series. Spec. Sheet No. 1200903

Please feel free to contact Doering Company application engineering for assistance in housing and valve selection.

A brief overview of the three housings in this series follows

S2831-## Housing, Spec. Sheet 1202831, Utilizes two C-8502 (8-2) Valve Cavities, Limit 5 GPM

S2832-## Housing Spec. Sheet 1202832, to be release by August 15, 2006, utilizes two C-8542 (10-2)

Valve Cavities, Limit 10 GPM dependent upon port and valve selection.

S2833-## Housing, Spec. Sheet 1202833, Utilizes C-8502 (8-2) and C-8542 (10-2) Valve Cavities. Limit 5 GPM

Feature of different Valve Cavities in hosing reduces risk of installing a valve in the wrong positron, thus changing the function.