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Pump Seal Kits

Cartridge Hand Pumps Seal Replacement Kits

  • Listed below are the seal replacement kits for our hydraulic cartridge style hand pumps.
  • Kits include a Wiper Ring, O-Rings, and Back-Up Rings.
  • Materials available are Viton, Lubrithane, Teflon, and Teflon Glass Filled.
  • If your pump’s part no. is not listed below, please call and we will be happy to help you with your order as we are currently updating our seal kits information.
Part No. Spec Sheet No.
241501, 241501-S, 241502, 241502-S SRK-24150N
241621, 241621-S, 241622, 241622-S SRK-24162N
241621-V, 241621-VS, 241622-V, 241622-VS SRK-24162V
241751, 241751-S, 241752, 741752-S SRK-24175N
241871, 241871-S, 241872, 241872-S SRK-24187N