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High pressure hand pump > 222-s Series, Flow Path 2 To 1

If you are looking for a manual hydraulic hand pump, we can help! We have many different pumps to fit your application. Doering pumps are known for their high quality and very low leak rates.

Operation: Pumping of the handle creates pressure and flow. Dual internal check system.

Single Acting Hand Pumps- One handle stroke direction fills the pump and the opposite stroke direction discharges the fluid being pumped.

Double Acting Hand Pumps- The double acting hand pump moves fluid on both up and down strokes, with the balanced piston design is equal handle force on both strokes.

  • DCHP163 series- Double acting hydraulic hand pump that outperforms single action pumps by greater than 2X! Stainless Steel, Flow from port 1 to port 3
    • DCHP163 Dual acting hand pump 6500 psi (450 bar), Flow 0.574 in³ (9.4 cc)
  • 241 series – Single Acting, Stainless Steel, Flow port 1 to port 2, options available (seals, handle joining), available in 316 Stainless Steel
    • 24150 - Hand pump 4500 psi (338 bar), Flow .196 CI (3.2cc)
    • 24156 - Hand pump 3800 psi (262 bar), Flow .249 CI (4.0cc)
    • 24162 - Hand pump 3000 psi (214 bar), Flow .307 CI (5.0cc)
    • 24175 - Hand pump 2100 psi (145 bar), Flow .442 CI (7.2cc)
    • 24187 - Hand pump 1500 psi (103 bar), Flow .601 CI (9.8cc)
  • 242 series- Single Acting, Stainless Steel, Flow port 2 to port 1, options available (seals, handle joining), available in 316 Stainless Steel
  • 222 series - Single Acting, Zero Leak Guide Check System, Flow from port 2 to port 1
    • 22237 - Hydraulic Hand pump 10000 psi (689 bar), Flow .100 CI (1.6cc)


  • Where emergency Hydraulic back up is needed
  • Heavy Equipment parking brakes
  • Hydrostatic pressure decay leak testing

Compatible Fluids:

  • Single Action- Hydraulic fluids
  • Double Acting Hand Pumps- - Hydraulic fluids, water glycol, and many other fluids.

Additional Options:

  • Partial and full stainless steel options for corrosion resistance
  • Handle and handle latching options

Doering hydraulic hand pumps are manufactured in the USA with fast delivery of 10 days.

Hydraulic Hand pump High pressure 241 series
Hydraulic hand pump high pressure DCHP163
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Symbol Description Specifications Flow Cavity 3D Model
Doering Cartridge Pump, .100ci, (1.6cc) Doering Cartridge Pump, .100ci, (1.6cc)
Part #: 222371-S
22237 0.100 CI/STROKE 10-23D Model

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Doering designs and manufactures precision valve and pump products. Many of our products are designed for high pressure, zero-leak applications, and are available in a variety of materials, including Stainless Steel. We are constantly adding new products so please contact us if you can't find what you are looking for.